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Hey, guys let’s talk about Vauld today, it was a crypto platform where you can trade, Make SIP and earn interests. It was well marketed, you may have found any other finance influencers promoting it. Now, some people are blaming them for their losses. Well, this should not be the case because their own money was also invested and really guys no one ever imagined that this will happen.

The reason behind the same is very normal, Nasdaq, and Nsc were making their lows. Bears were dancing in and currently, also the figures are still the same. You guys may have also heard about the LUNA token, people bagging in huge losses. from $119 to $0.0009 worst crash, the crypto market has seen.

Coming back to Vauld’s losses, it has been reported that due to huge withdrawals from Indian investors they have to stop deposits and withdrawals. To be true my money is also stuck but, I am not blaming anyone for the same because I know crypto markets are not regulated and losses are part of this cycle.

Well at such bear maket it is better to stay calm and stay invested, SIP’s are only the best option I could suggest off. Buy the Dip is just another best option.

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