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Hey guys, I will be talking about some real case scenarios where blockchain can help us out. Industries like Education, Supply Chains, Farming, Banking and many more.

Let’s start with Education Industry, as in past many cases have been witnessed where fake degrees and CBSE certificates have been generated. Here Blockchain can help in keeping or issuing degrees on mainnet, Universities and educational institutes can adopt this way of issuing certificates.
Eg-IIT Kanpur has started this, attaching an article related to this. https://lnkd.in/gGXR3dEY.

Banking Industry is another one where problems like “Sir aabhi server nhi chal raha :-)” is another big issue and low-interest rates, Problems in getting loans and huge process of paperwork is another problem that a normal user face in everyday life. Here Blockchain comes with DIFI (decentralized finance) here they are eliminating these issues with just one click withdrawal, Loans and many different features that a transition banking system was not offering.

Farming -> Farming is an industry where bonds between companies or marketplace owners are common with the person who is farming and in past years ton of cases have been witnessed where companies try to run away If any mishappenings take place with the quality of the crop, that they require. Here blockchain can help in automating the payment process and transparency will be added as the funds will be locked from the companies point of view and as soon as the crops are cultivated, money will be transferred automatically in farmer’s accounts and no one can breach this contract between them.

Blockchain has tones of use cases and I think penetration of such contracts and such application will increase with time.

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