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Well as a developer and researcher in the field of Blockchain, I have witnessed that people are more concerned about trading rather than learning. Cryptocurrencies are just coins that work on a technology called Blockchain Technology. No government, No Agency can stop a technology. Yes, they can stop crypto market trading or holding decentralized currency to hold but, technology will always stay.

Blockchain is just an amazing piece of tech. that’s why developers in this industry are paid very high, Demand is more and supply is very limited. We have so many things out there NFT’s, Defi and many more to explore. We should start focusing as the future is really decentralization. These Big tech companies really have so much power in their hands that we can’t even imagine.

Yes, I know the mass will take to explore but, why are even developers stopping to enter into the space. Everything that we had in Web2 can be shifted to Web3. Startups that are building something in these space and getting well funded. Yes, let’s work together to get into the space and the community should always grow.

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