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So will be talking about Solana today, 🔥 hot topic of this year (2021-22).
Basically, this Blockchain is something that I look forward to, have the potential to beat ethereum ( not talking about surpassing it).

Solana works on a low-level language that is Rust ( similar to c). So first we need to discuss blockchain trilemma before discussing Solana and proof of history.

Blockchain Trilemma- Basically what blockchain designers found was, there are 3 things that they have to focus on basically:-


What they saw was these 3 things cannot be achieved at once developer has to give up on one of them inorder to change anything (hard forks).

Now, we can come back to solana and proof of history. so ,basically, this is the trilemma that every blockchain face.

Solana came with a solution and claimed that they have achieved them all by implementing proof of history in their blockchain.

Proof of history- There is a concept of making conscientious and people have to agree on something. But, Solana made it different by taking snapshots every second and as in this people can mine(validate) blocks every second at a very fast rate and here time is something that developers don’t have to worry about. Blockchain generators it by cryptography and after all we can rearrange the blocks to keep in sync and then it can be stored on-chain.